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Emergency Notification System

Frequently Asked Questions about the CAPCOG Emergency Notification System and the Cell Phone Registry

Landline phones are automatically a part of the Emergency Notification System.

Contact CAPCOG Homeland Security Division at 512-916-6035 for questions not answered below about the registration process.

What is the Emergency Notification System (ENS)?
The Emergency Notification System (ENS) is an automated emergency notification tool which enables authorized public safety personnel in the CAPCOG region to notify citizens only in an emergency situation where property or human life is in jeopardy. ENS was implemented using a combination of Homeland Security Grant Program funds and participating local governments.

Who might contact me during a disaster?
The ENS system uses the 9-1-1 database and the new cell phone registry to call residents in the 10-county area only in an emergency situation where property or human life is in jeopardy. Public safety officials will contact those residents associated with a phone number in the emergent affected area.

Will my cellular telephone number be kept confidential if I register it on the CAPCOG ENS Cellular Telephone Registry?
Yes, only authorized public safety personnel can access the information to make an emergency notification message. No phone numbers are provided to the public.

I have five family members in my household and each has a cell phone. Can I register all of their phone numbers at the same location?
Yes, individuals can register as many phone numbers at the same location. Individuals may also register their cellular telephone number to multiple addresses such as home and work. Public safety officials will only contact residents with phone numbers assigned to the geographic area that is affected.

What do I do if my house does not show on the Google® map when I try to register my phone?

The maps are updated periodically. CAPCOG has no control over the frequency of the updates or the accuracy of the maps. If you do not see your house or building on the map, simply place the dot on the map where you think it should be.

If I have problems registering my cell phone, who can I contact?
You may contact the CAPCOG Homeland Security Division at (512) 916-6035.

What if I lose the text message I’ll receive when I register that contains my PIN? How can I make changes to my account?
You simply need to go through the process again. The application will replace your existing record with a new one.

I’ve already signed up for another telephone notification system? Do I need to register again?
Some local governments have implemented similar telephone notification systems that may be used for emergency and non-emergency purposes. The CAPCOG Emergency Notification System is used only to notify citizens in an emergency situation where property or human life is in jeopardy.

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