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Grifols breaks ground in San Marcos

Grifols breaks ground in San MarcosConstruction of a Grifols plasma research and testing facility began last Friday, October 19, 2009, at River Ridge Business Park in San Marcos, with state and local officials presiding.

It is expected that the facility will open in about a year. Workers at the 72,000 square-foot facility will test and process human blood plasma, from which they will produce the initial components of products for use in the treatment shock, trauma and burns, primary immune deficiency diseases, and bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and Von Willebrand disease.

“The (Grifols) CEO also acknowledged that there really are going to be more than 190 full-time positions and that the (total funds) they are investing is actually going to be more than $76 million,” said Hays County Commissioner Precinct 1 (D-San Marcos) Debbie Ingalsbe.

Grifols is expected to pay an average salary of $38,571. Median household income in the city during the last US census was $25,809.

“It’s just going to be a great opportunity for…our region to have those types of jobs, with the great salaries and benefits that will come,” said Ingalsbe. “With (Texas State) university here, that’s just a great opportunity for a great partnership there, and for students to have a place where they can come in and have a good job….”

Grifols Vice President of Government and Public Affairs Christopher Healey said there is no formal relationship between his company and Texas State University at this time.

“We don’t have anything firm just now … but I can certainly foresee some kind of mutually-beneficial working relationship in the future,” Healey said.

The blood plasma will arrive at the San Marcos Grifols facility from plasma donation centers, of which the company owns and operates 17 in Texas. Healey said the Grifols owns and operates 80 plasma donation centers across the country, the closest of which is in San Antonio.

Healey said his company expects local residents to receive many of the jobs that will be created by the facility.

“We’ll be advertising locally and doing job placement locally — as we currently do, as a matter of fact,” Healey said.

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