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Hays County League of Women Voters Praises County Elections Web Information, Presents Certificate of Achievement from State LWV

Hays County Courthouse, San Marcos, TX (Jan. 9, 2020) – On Tuesday the Hays County League of Women Voters presented a Certificate of Achievement from the Texas LWV to Hays County Elections Administrator Jennifer Anderson. Following a review of election websites in all 254 counties in Texas, the state organization found that the Hays County elections website pages met the most criteria for security and accurate information.

In presenting the certificate, president of the Hays County LWV Linda Calvert said, “The Hays County Elections website was rated ‘Outstanding’ – number one out of 254 counties. This is something to be quite proud of – the article on the LWV website finds only 20 percent of Texas counties are following website security best practices. Only nine out of 254 counties provide a site ensuring viewers are at the correct site and getting correct information. The list of criteria reviewed is extensive.”

Ease of finding information, mobile-friendliness, and information for specific categories of voters are just a few of the other criteria.

Anderson thanked the LWV for the thorough assessment of the website, and said, “We don’t always get to see how our work is perceived so this assessment was very helpful to us. We work hard on this all the time, and everyone in the office has a role in making sure specific information is on the site and correct. Website Administrator Cliff Ormiston was hired specifically to manage the process. Right before the review, we had a webpage change that had to be added quickly for a new election in January, and he worked extra hard to make sure the information was on our page in time.”

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