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Hays County Courts Info Update re COVID-19–Check Back for Changes

Some Courts in Hays County are postponing trials and canceling jury summons.
District Courts have canceled all jury trials for the week of March 16, but some non-jury dockets will continue as scheduled.
Justice of the Peace 1-1 has canceled Truant Court for March 23 and the Jury trial set for March 16 — jurors do not need to report.
County Courts at Law Jury summons have been canceled for the week of March 23, 2020. If you have received a jury summons from the County Courts at Law for that date, you do not have to appear. Based on recommendations of the State Office of Court Administration, the Hays County Courts at Law will reschedule non-essential proceedings to avoid the gathering of large groups of people. Please call 512-393-7625 or email to reset your case. The County Courts at Law will be open for essential proceedings and all matters in which the parties agree to appear.

As always, with the exception of the above changes, check with the Court you were summoned to for the latest information by calling the number on your summons. Court webpages and phone numbers are under the Courts dropdown at the top of this page.



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