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Veterans Can Now Do Tele-Health Counseling at Courthouse

The Hays County Veterans Service Office and the Samaritan Center Hope for Heroes Program are reestablishing their counseling services partnership using online tele-health appointments.

“Due to COVID-19 concerns, many face-to face-counseling services have gone online with virtual tele-health appointments,” said Hays County Veteran Service Officer Jude Prather. “However, some of our residents do not have access to technology to participate in virtual appointments.”

To address this issue, Samaritan Center will provide the equipment needed to facilitate the online appointments. The equipment will be located at the Historical Hays County Courthouse at 111 E. San Antonio St. in San Marcos. Veterans can come to the courthouse for their tele-health session, which will be held in a private space.

Counseling services with Samaritan Center are available to all veterans, their spouses and children under age 18.

To learn more about how to enroll in this service, visit or call 512.466.4454 to speak with a Veteran.

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