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Ongoing internal audit leads to removal of COVID cases from total

As part of the Hays County Local Health Department’s (HCLHD) continuous audit of COVID-19 data, the epidemiology team identified cases that will be removed from the county’s total case count beginning today.

“After the most recent internal data review, we found cases that shouldn’t be in our total number of positive COVID-19 cases,” said epidemiologist Eric Schneider. “We will remove them from the data totals, thereby reducing our overall case count.”

He said addresses outside Hays County, invalid test results and duplication of a previously counted case are among the reasons for removal.

HCLHD Director Tammy Crumley said she understands the rationale for purging those types of cases.

“The removal of cases that don’t belong to Hays County, are invalid tests or prove to be duplicates will allow the us to continue providing the most accurate numbers to the public,” she said.

Schneider said the epidemiology team will continue the process of reviewing cases and each Friday they will remove any incorrect cases from the cumulative total. That number of removed cases will be shown in each Friday’s COVID-19 update.

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