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Hays County Vaccine Update January 18

Hays County is now designated as a COVID-19 vaccine hub per the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The Hays County Local Health Department (HCLHD) received an emailed letter late Saturday evening with news of the change; HCLHD was not on the state’s initial hub list.

The health department and the County’s Emergency Operations Office are gearing up to distribute the vaccine based on the DSHS phased rollout plan. HCLHD anticipates a shipment of about 1,900 doses this week. Vaccines are currently available to only those eligible in the 1A and 1B groups; visit the DSHS website for details.

“We are pleased that the state health department recently identified Hays County as a vaccine hub in its distribution plan,” Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra said. “Our implementation plans are in place and now we enthusiastically await receiving vaccine doses. We will soon share information with our residents about how they can register,” he said.

Hays County Local Health Department Director Tammy Crumley is asking for the public’s continued patience.

 “Right now, the vaccine supply is limited and HCLDH must follow the state’s established protocols,” she said. “As the supply becomes more available from manufacturers, hubs such as HCLHD will be prepared to help get a vaccine to everyone who wants it but that will take time.”

She noted it may take weeks to receive more substantial quantities of the vaccine and begin vaccinating the larger population.

“We see and understand the frustration and know that many Hays County residents are eager to be vaccinated,” Crumley said. “That is a very positive sign, yet we must proceed cautiously and in an organized, thoughtful manner.”

Emergency Operations Director Mike Jones said a COVID vaccine registration portal will soon be available on the County’s emergency notification website,

“Our office is implementing a vaccine registration system so that once we have the doses available, we will begin scheduling appointments,” he said. “We have a tight window of opportunity to distribute the vaccine once a vial is opened and we’re asking for the public’s help in ensuring we strictly follow the protocols in place.”

County officials remind the public to continue practicing COVID-19 safety precautions including regular hand washing and wearing masks. Health experts also recommend avoiding gatherings with people who are not in your household.

Judge Becerra said he and other County officials will provide updates each Friday at 1 p.m. for the foreseeable future via Facebook Live at

Vaccine Rollout Plan

Please visit the DSHS website for details on the vaccine rollout plan.

More information is available at the following websites:

COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Guiding Principles:

San Antonio Metro Health Vaccine Info:

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