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Hays County Child Protective Board Opens Remme Rainbow Room

Hays County Commissioners Court received a presentation by the Hays County Child Protective Board (HCCPB) regarding the opening of the Remme Rainbow Room (RRR), which specifically addresses the special emergency needs of Hays County Child Protective Service (CPS) children and families. Supplies available at the facility will assist foster, relative, fictive, and adoptive families in providing a safe home for children in CPS substitute care.

The RRR is now a bright, well-furnished facility where county Child Protective Service caseworkers can comfort abused and neglected children who have just been removed from dangerous situations, feed them snacks, help them clean up, and find items they need immediately, such as clothing, hygiene products, blankets, and infant-care supplies.

Planning for the RRR began in 2017, when Brenda and Kaare Remme, long-time contributors to the Hays County Child Protective Board, asked Board member Karen Brown, “What do you need most?” After consultation with the Board and CPS staff, Brown and the Remmes determined that CPS most needed an expanded, well-supplied space for attending to the immediate needs of children who have just come into CPS care. At the time, the CPS Rainbow Room was located in a small, cramped room in CPS offices, and the HCCPB stored larger items such as car seats and cribs in a rented storage unit. If children needed bathing, it was done in an office bathroom sink.

Cooperation between the Community, the County and the State on this project enhances service to Hays County Child Protective Services children and families. The Remme family provided initial funding for a new Rainbow Room and for the services of the local architect Ron Balderach and his assistant, BJ Spencer. Hays County Commissioners matched the Reemes’ funding by appropriating $100,000 to help with the project. Commissioner Debbie Ingalsbe, Pct. 1, provided essential guidance, and all the Commissioners supported the project throughout the process. Commissioner Ingalsbe suggested, and helped secure, the use of an already-existing County building. Commissioner Mark Jones, Pct. 2, secured additional funding from the Capital Area Housing Finance Committee. Several other County staff members contributed their time and talent to help get the Rainbow Room off the ground.

During the meeting, Commissioners thanked the members of the HCCPB for their dedication to provide the crucial services needed for foster, adoptive and other families. In particular, commissioners thanked the Remme family for their generosity.

Pictures of the Remme Rainbow Room and links for making donations are at the HCCPB website.

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