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Hays County POSAC seeking new project submissions

The Hays County Parks and Open Space Advisory Commission (POSAC), which was created in 2020 and recently restarted, is seeking additional project submissions that would be funded by Proposition A, a Parks & Open Space Bond, approved by voters in the November General Election.

Prior to the passing of the bond, POSAC members announced a call for projects which resulted in an initial set of 15 recommended projects to the Hays County Commissioners Court.

“The role of POSAC was to establish a process to study a parks, open space, and conservation bond program and to solicit project recommendations to the Hays County Commissioners Court,” said Natural Resource Coordinator Alexandra Thompson. “The Commission is announcing a second call for project submissions to support ideas beyond those already submitted, expand upon the variety of project opportunities, and provide equity amongst the diverse stakeholders and residents of Hays County.”

Any organization or individual interested in submitting a project idea should visit the POSAC website to learn more. The deadline to submit a Project Information Form (PIF) is July 30, 2021.

Submissions will be accepted by emailing a PIF to the Hays County Natural Resources Coordinator at The PIF can be found on the POSAC webpage. Please note the PIF is meant to serve as a project summary form and is a useful tool for POSAC when it comes time to rank the project. The PIF is not meant to serve as the project proposal, which should be a separate document with detailed project information and include any supplemental information as appendices. If the submitting party’s final proposal, supplemental material, GIS shapefiles, CAD files, KMZ files, and POSAC presentation are complete at the time the submitting party submits their PIF, they are more than welcome to turn all materials in at the same time.

The official and final project proposal should be 3-5 pages at a minimum, not including supplemental material, and will need to be submitted to the Hays County Natural Resources Coordinator no later than five business days before the submitting party is scheduled to conduct their project presentation to POSAC.

Details about the Hays County POSAC are on the County’s website:

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