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Commissioner Mark Jones recognized for service on Commissioners Court

Hays County Commissioner Mark Jones was recognized on Dec. 20, “for his distinguished twelve years of service to Hays County”. Tuesday was his last meeting of the Hays County Commissioners Court as the Precinct 2 representative. Jones served three consecutive four-year terms.

Jones also served as an Executive Committee member of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Transportation Policy Board over the past four years.

Members of the court expressed their thanks and gratitude to Jones for his time on the dais. Commissioner Lon Shell, Pct. 3, who sponsored the agenda item, presented Jones with a gift – a pocket knife – to commemorate his service.

In a presentation to the court, Tucker Ferguson, district engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), awarded Commissioner Jones with the Road Hand Award, the agency’s highest tribute to citizens that give time to transportation projects in their areas.

He said, “He’s developed public and private partnerships that have brought hundreds of millions of dollars in transportation improvements in Hays County.”

Ferguson added, “Hays County Precinct 2 Commissioner Mark Jones is truly a champion of transportation and it’s my honor to present him with the 2023 Texas Department of Transportation Road Hand Award.”

Jones then addressed the audience, saying about his accomplishments during his tenture, “I’m trying not to say I did this. We did this, because I can’t do anything without the support of at least two of these people on the dais.”

He expressed his appreciation for the support of Commissioners Smith, Shell and Ingalsbe, thanking them for working alongside him on the dais.

“The support I’ve got from my fellow Commissioners has been outstanding. I can’t thank you enough,” he said.

Of his bench mate Commissioner Ingalsbe, Jones said, “It’s been an honor and privilege to work with you.”

He also thanked and commended his Executive Assistant Jennifer Scott, saying, “None of this would have been possible without Jennifer.”

Scott was recently honored in Commissioners Court for her 14 years of service to Hays County.

In closing, Jones thanked his family and especially his wife Kerri Jones, for their support and for missing a lot of time with him as they allowed him to serve the Hays County community for the past three-plus decades. Jones was a member of the Hays CISD Board of Directors for many years. He has also been an active supporter of HCISD athletics, including his role in firing the starting gun at track meets.

“It’s been quite a ride,” Jones said.

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