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November 7, 2023 Uniform Election

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Polling Locations and Schedule

Lugares y horarios de votación

Master Sample Ballot

Note: the master sample ballot contains all contests and is meant as a reference tool. No single precinct sample ballot will look like the master sample.

Individual precinct sample ballots are available in the Sample Ballots tab above.

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Important Dates

Sunday, 1 January: first day to apply for ballot by mail or submit FPCA for 2023
Monday, 21 August: deadline to file for a place on the ballot
Tuesday, 12 September: public logic and accuracy testing
Friday, 22 September: absentee ballots (UOCAVA and ballot by mail) sent
Monday, 25 September: election worker training session #1 from 0900–1200
Wednesday, 27 September: election worker training session #2 from 0900–1200
Monday, 2 October: election worker training session #3 from 0900–1200
Monday, 9 October: Columbus/Indigenous Day
Tuesday, 10 October: last to submit voter registration applications or changes
Monday, 23 October: first day of Early Voting
Friday, 3 November: last day of Early Voting
Tuesday, 7 November: Election Day
Friday, 10 November: Veterans Day observance
Monday, 13 November: canvassing of official results
Saturday, 9 December: run-off election (should one be ordered)
Sunday, December 31: all ballot by mail and FPCA (UOCAVA) applications for 2023 expire

Public Notices for the November Uniform Election


Proclamation of Constitutional Amendment Special Election

Ballot Certification

Constitutional Amendment Ballot Language

Lenguaje de la boleta de la enmienda constitucional

Constitutional Amendment Explanatory Statements

Declaraciones explicativas de la enmienda constitucional


Order of Constitutional Amendments Election

Public Notice of Test of Automatic Tabulating Equipment

Notice of Convening of the Central Count Station

Notification of Election Training Program


City of Buda: Order of Cancellation, General Election

City of Buda: Order of Cancellation, Special Election

City of Kyle: Order of Election

City of Kyle: Certificate of Withdrawal, Shawn Moore

City of Kyle: Notice of General Election

City of Mountain City: Order of Election

City of San Marcos: Order of Election

City of San Marcos: Certificate of Withdrawal, Aaron Maldonado

Dripping Springs Community Library: Order of Cancellation

Wimberley Village Library: Order of Cancellation


Wimberley ISD: Order of Election

Wimberley ISD: Certification of Unopposed Candidates

Wimberley ISD: Order of Cancellation

Utility District

Crystal Clear SUD: Certification of Unopposed Candidates

Crystal Clear SUD: Order of Cancellation

Maxwell SUD: Order Canceling Election

Wayside MUD: Order of Election

Wayside MUD: Notice of Election

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