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Nov. 3, 2020 General Election


Master Sample Ballot
(click to view or download the full PDF)

Follow these steps to find your individual precinct ballot style:

  1. Call the Elections office at (512) 393-7310 or e-mail at and request your sample ballot style (e.g. 446-A, 221-B, 115, etc.)
  2. Click on the Precinct Sample Ballots tab above.  Find your individual precinct ballot style and download or view the PDF!

Early Voting and Election Day Vote Center Locations and Schedule
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Calendario de la votación anticipada y el día de la elección
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Week 3
Monday, October 26 – Friday, October 30: 7 AM – 7 PM

Election Day
Tuesday, November 3: 7 AM – 7 PM

Click on the image above to find your nearest vote center

Visit the Current Elections page to see absentee ballots returned (beginning 24 Sep), early voting and Election Day check-ins (beginning 13 Oct), and election results (after 7 PM on 03 Nov).

Am I Registered to Vote and What is My Precinct? (external link to Secretary of State)

Candidate Information (external link to Secretary of State)

Mail Ballot in Person Return / Drop Off

A proclamation issued by the Governor allows voters to return their absentee mail ballots in person for the November 3rd, 2020 General Election.  The hand delivery of marked mail ballots can only occur at a single early voting clerk’s office location that is publicly designated by the early voting clerk for the return of marked mail ballots under Section 86.006(a-1) of the Texas Election Code and the suspension of the eponymous election code. 

The designated location for Hays County is the Elections Office located in the Government Center in San Marcos.  Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8 am through 5 pm, and will be open longer once early voting commences.  Mail ballots may be hand delivered as soon as the voter receives and completes the ballot (i.e. you need not wait until in person voting begins).  Once early voting commences on October 13 and the Government Center opens at 8 am, you may utilize the main security entrance at the front of the building.  A station will be set up just inside the doors and manned by poll workers who will check you in and help you deposit your ballot—it is not necessary to proceed through the security checkpoint unless you have other business in the building.  Our address is as follows:

Hays County Elections
712 South Stagecoach Trail
Suite 1012
San Marcos, TX  78666

Important Upcoming General Election Dates (source at Secretary of State)

Wednesday, July 22: Election Board meeting

Wednesday, September 16: Logic and Accuracy Testing – 10 am in the Elections Office at the Hays County Government Center

Beginning September 18: Mail ballot delivery will commence and continue through the election period

Monday, October 5: Last day to register to vote

Tuesday, October 13: First day of early voting by personal appearance
    *note: Early Voting has been extended to a total of 3 weeks by order of the Governor

Friday, October 23: Last day to apply for ballot by mail (received at Elections office, not postmarked)

Friday, October 30: Last day of early voting by personal appearance

Tuesday, November 3: Last day to receive ballot by mail by 7 pm

U.S. Postal Service Guidance on Voting by Mail

Please review the U.S. Postal Service’s guidance on returning mail ballots within the United States.

  • Start today.  Give yourself and your election officials ample time to complete the process.
  • Request your mail-in ballot (often called an “absentee” ballot) at least 15 days before Election Day.
  • The recommendation is to mail your ballot at least 7 days before Election Day.

Important Information for Overseas Voters

Please review the U.S. State Department’s guidance on returning ballots from overseas, particularly in nations with interrupted or canceled international mail service.

  • Local mail: if you have reliable mail service to the U.S., put your ballot in the mail with appropriate international postage.
  • U.S. Embassy Diplomatic pouchYou can drop off your completed ballot at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.  It must be addressed to your local election official and have sufficient U.S. postage or be in a postage-paid envelope (available on the FVAP website).  Contact the embassy voting assistance officer or visit the embassy’s website for specific instructions.
  • Express courier service: If time is short or local mail unreliable, you can use professional courier services such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS at your own expense.  Note: FedEx does not deliver to P.O. boxes.


Notice of Ballots Voted by Mail

Notice of Early Voting Ballot Board

Notice of General Election

Notice of Signature Verification Committee

Notice of Delivery of Balloting Materials to Signature Verification Committee

Notice of Convening of Central Count Station

Hays County did not hold a city/school/water election on May 2, 2020, pursuant to a proclamation issued by the Governor on March 18 authorizing all political subdivisions to postpone all elections to the November 3, 2020, uniform election (i.e. this election).

Hays County