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Poll Worker Resources

Poll Worker Resources in Hays County

Poll Worker Training
To schedule classroom training once you have been assigned to work an election, please e-mail You will be sent an e-mail with information on how to sign up for an available training class.
Become a Poll Worker
The poll worker application may be e-mailed, printed and mailed, or dropped off at the Elections office. Please note that to submit your application by e-mail, the form must first be downloaded to your computer.

Poll Worker Resources

File or Link Originator
EVBB and SVC Handbook (2023) Texas Secretary of State
Glossary of Terms Used in the Polls Hays County Elections
Handbook for Election Judges and Clerks (2023) Texas Secretary of State
Hays County Employee Packet (2024) Hays County Budgeting & Payroll
Poll Watcher’s Guide (2023) Texas Secretary of State
Poll Watcher Info Sheets (2024) Texas Secretary of State
Poll Worker Application (download) Hays County Elections
Training – In Person (Mar. 2024) Hays County Elections
Training – Online Texas Secretary of State


Student Election Workers

Students 16 years or older may serve as election clerks. According to the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, the purpose of legislation for student workers is two-fold:
1. Introduces students to the electoral process and inspires them to take an interest in their government.
2. Provides election authorities with an additional reservoir of persons who can serve at the polls.


A prospective eligible student must:
  • Be a U.S. citizen and resident of Hays County;
  • Be 16 years or older on Election Day;
  • Be enrolled in school (public, private, or qualified home school) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Have the written consent of the school’s principal and/or a parent or guardian to participate.
The Texas Education Code includes service as an election clerk as an acceptable “excused absence”.

If you are interested, please complete the Student Worker Application and return it to the Elections office. Please also complete the State Application and Permission Form and take it with you to the polling place. Hays County Elections encourages all eligible students with an interest in the democratic process to apply. Bilingual students are strongly urged to apply, as an increasing demand for these services exists. Any student working will receive the clerk’s pay of $12 per hour. In order to be paid, you must also fill out the required Employee Data Packet and turn it in prior to training class either to the Elections or Treasurer offices.

Please e-mail or call (512) 393-7310 for further information, or if you have any questions.

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