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Be prepared for bitterly cold winter weather


The Hays County Office of Emergency Management urges all residents to be prepared for freezing weather and rain.

See the tips below to help navigate winter weather:

  • It’s a good idea to make sure you have enough drinking water and food on-hand for several days; heading to the store before roads ice over is strongly advised.
  • Use caution and wear sturdy shoes if you need to be outside where there is ice on walking surfaces.
  • Once the rain begins, travel on roadways is strongly discouraged. Icy roads create hazardous driving conditions.
  • In addition, the bitter cold and rain will create the potential for scattered power outages across the region. Gather items you may need in the event of a loss of power including blankets, flashlights, etc. Check and replace batteries in flashlights and other battery-powered lighting sources.
  • Wear extra layers of clothing and add more covers to your sleeping area.
  • Check on your neighbors who may need assistance, particularly the elderly. Animals should be given shelter whenever possible, pets should be allowed inside.
  • Check the external pipes on homes and buildings. Consider wrapping them to prevent breaks. Keep faucets on a very slow drip.
  • Plants will freeze, so bring them inside if portable or cover them.
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