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Fireworks Safety Tip Sheet

Firework Safety Tips from the
Hays County Fire Marshal’s Office

If you plan on including fireworks in your holiday festivities, the Hays County Fire Marshal’s Office reminds you to celebrate safely by following these simple tips. Remember, fireworks are not allowed in any Hays County Park. The sale and possession of fireworks are prohibited within most incorporated city limits.

Fireworks are a big part of many holiday celebrations, but they also can be dangerous. Here’s how to have fun with fireworks and stay safe:

1.   Follow local rules

Some areas allow only certain types of fireworks, and most areas don’t allow fireworks within city limits or during burn bans. Follow the local law and contact your local fire officials if you have questions.  Fireworks cannot be lit near schools (including colleges/universities), churches, hospitals, licensed child care centers, gas stations, or near where fireworks are sold.  Fireworks cannot be ignited or discharged in or from a motor vehicle or thrown towards a motor vehicle.

2.   Hire licensed professionals

If you hire someone to put on a display for your group, they must get a permit from the Hays County Fire Marshal’s Office.  For more information, email at least ten days prior to the event to allow enough time to obtain the permit and processing of paperwork.

3.   When are fireworks legal?

Fireworks can be sold only certain times of the year, typically during a week or so leading up to a major holiday (July 4th or New Years Day). The Hays County Commissioners Court adopts other sales periods throughout the year as allowed by state law. You can use fireworks any day of the year as long as they are not banned in the area you live.

4.   Be safe!

  • Children should not use fireworks. Make sure an adult is always watching.
  • Remember: Alcohol and fireworks are a bad mix.
  • Follow the instructions on the firework.
  • Avoid shooting fireworks near dry grass, brush, or other materials that can easily catch on fire.
  • Never aim fireworks where they could land on a house or hit a person.
  • Have a bucket of water, garden hose, or other water source ready for emergencies.
  • Cleanup your fireworks debris but always allow the debris to soak in a bucket of water for several hours before dumping in the trash can.  Never store your trash can near or inside your home/garage after dumping fireworks debris into it.

Below are some fireworks safety videos:


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