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Mobile Food Establishments FAQs

Mobile Food Establishments

What application materials do I need?

You will need the following materials to apply:

(1) Completed Application

(2) Food Managers Certificate

(3) Floor plan of the mobile unit (labeled)

(4) Menu

(5) Valid I.D. / Driver’s License

(6) All Applicable Fees.

When does my permit expire and how do I renew it?

You are required to renew your permit at the end of every calendar year. Food permits can be renewed in person at our office location at 2171 Yarrington Rd., Kyle, Texas.

How often do I need to get inspections, and can I have Hays County visit me where I operate?

You are required to get two (2) inspections per year. You are required to bring the mobile food unit to our office location for your renewal in December/January and have the option to choose us to visit you at your site of operation for the second inspection (there is a $50 trip charge). For the inspection at our office you must bring a generator.

My commissary is outside of Hays County. What is required of me?

You need to have the commissary page of your application completed by the health authority in charge of inspecting your commissary; this is normally the health department of the city or county where your commissary is located.

Can I operate my mobile food unit in front of my house?

Yes; however, you cannot offer restrooms to customers unless you have a public restroom that uses a properly sized OSSF or a city sewer connection and your mobile food unit still must visit the commissary daily.

Can I operate my mobile food unit on someone else’s property?

Yes; with the property owners permission. A restroom must be readily available to all food vendors who choose to operate on/occupy a property for any given amount of time. This restroom must use a properly sized on-site sewage facility or city sewer connection. *Water and wastewater requirements are not applicable to “restricted operation” mobile food units. *TFER §228.221 (a)(2) & Hays County OSSF Rules: W (1)

Can I offer seating for my customers?

Yes; if the proper restroom facilities are available on the property.

What does Hays County consider a “proper restroom facility”?

 Any property must have an on-site sewage facility or access to a restroom on city sewer. If an on-site sewage facility is present it must be designed for the expected gallons per day for customers, employees, food preparation and wastewater strength. Many other factors are taken into consideration but it’s important to note that an existing on-site sewage facility might not be acceptable for your businesses use. Please call our office to verify.

Can I have a portable toilet?

No; Hays County requires in its OSSF Rules that any property that is used for residential, institutional or commercial purposes must be connected to an on-site sewage facility or a TCEQ permitted central wastewater collection system. *Hays County OSSF Rules: W (1).

Whose responsibility is it to verify the property I operate on has a properly sized septic or city sewer connection?

The responsibility to verify that the site meets the county’s rules falls on you (as the vendor) and the property owner.

Can I leave my mobile unit in the same location?

No; mobile units are required to be mobile daily. Therefore, your mobile unit must be readily movable upon request. You are required to report to your central preparation facility daily. * TFER §228.221 (a)(10)(B)

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