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Subdivision Planning – Frequently Asked Questions

Subdivision Planning

What is a plat?

A “plat” is a surveyed piece of property.

How do I subdivide my lot?

Contact Hays County Development Services to acquire information on subdividing.

How do I apply for a new subdivision?

The first step in a new subdivision is to set up a meeting with Hays County Development Services.

How do I combine multiple small lots into 1 large lot?

This could be done several ways. Contact Hays County Development Services to plan the easiest method for you.

How long does it take to plat a piece of property and how much will it cost?

Each piece of property is different, so each review is different. Platting a piece of property can run about $2500 and up, depending on the scope of work that will need to be accomplished.

My property has been in this configuration since the 1980s. I wasn’t required to plat then. Why do I have to plat now?

The state of Texas has required a plat for all property divisions since the late 1960s. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that counties started enforcing the platting requirements set forth in the Texas Local Government Code 232.0015.

My property is inside the city limits. Do I still need county approval?

If your property is completely contained within a city limits, you will not require county approval for development or platting.

What if I choose not to plat my property when it is required?

If you do not plat your property, once it has been determined that the property is not compliant with current county and state regulations, you will be unable to get any county approvals for the following: Development Authorizations, On-Site Sewage Facility Permits, or Driveway Permits. Property that is not compliant will be unable to legally develop in Hays County.

How do I get information on what is being built in my neighborhood?

 Fill out an Open Records Request and email the request to: The Open Records Request form can be found online ( or by calling Hays County Development Services at 512.393.2150

Development Permits in
Hays County

Read through the Frequently Asked Questions to the left to learn more about the development permitting process for Hays County. If you cannot find an answer to your specific question, please contact our office via phone or email: 512.393.2150 or

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