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Elections Administrator Earns Highest Professional Achievement

Jennifer Anderson, Elections Administrator for Hays County, Texas will be designated as a Certified Elections/Registration Administrator (CERA) the highest professional achievement, in a ceremony conducted by the Election Center at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, Orlando, FL at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, August 20, 2019.

CERA designation is achieved only through a multi-year course of study taught by the Auburn University MPA faculty, Auburn, Alabama and conducted by the Election Center’s Professional Education Program. The intent of the program is to professionalize the management of voter registration and elections administration in promoting and preserving public trust in the democratic process.

“This is the highest designation available to elections and voter registration officials,” said Tim Mattice, director of the Center. This graduating class of 96 election professionals totals 1,206 election officials and election vendors who have achieved the CERA status.  This is an outstanding accomplishment.”

“Hays County is indeed fortunate to have Jennifer Anderson as one of the top designated professionals in America.  Obtaining and maintaining CERA status means that she is committed to a career long process of continuing education to improve the electoral process in Texas and the nation,” he stated.

Democracy is a fragile concept that could easily be lost if the process is misused or abused.  The CERA program exemplifies the role of officials in maintaining and protecting democratic principles.  It also teaches excellent management skills directly related to voter registration and elections.

“The classes are full of information that tie the professional elements of the job to the historical and statistical significance of how the laws and processes came to be written. I am honored to receive this recognition and will continue to follow the program to maintain and progress my professional knowledge in elections, “Anderson stated.

The Professional Education Program is sponsored by the Election Center, a non-profit association of voter registrars and elections administrators throughout America and the U.S Territories.  Its membership is comprised of township, city, county and state elections officials and other election related organizations.  The Center’s primary purpose is to promote and support continuous improvement in the administration of elections and voter registration through research, professional education, conferences, networking and consulting. Professional Education Program participants receive continuing education credit from Auburn University as well as professional training credits from the Election Center.

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