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Transportation Plan 2021

Hays County Commissioners Court adopted the 2021 Hays County Transportation Plan Update on Tuesday, July 13, 2021. See the links and full written text below for more information:

The Plan identifies safety improvements and improvements to regional connections and mobility. This planning document will help guide planning for future growth and development over the next two decades and serve as a tool to help implement projects, preserve right-of-way, and collaborate with regional partners to guide our future transportation landscape.


In 2011, the Hays County Commissioners Court began developing a countywide transportation plan to update the existing 10-year-old plan. The Court recognized that while regional transportation plans existed that have had County input, it was critical for the County and municipalities to coordinate on transportation planning within Hays County to maximize available dollars and minimize the potential for bottlenecks that can occur when different road systems intersect. The county also recognized that input from county residents and the public, along with municipal government planners, was needed to ensure the new plan took recent population growth and future growth corridors into consideration.

The Court set a cap of $325,000 for the 2011 study and to have the new plan build on previous plans as much as possible to keep the cost down. All but $50,000 of that amount was allocated in the FY 2011 budget.

The Court then appointed public members to a Citizens Advisory Group and established a Technical Advisory Group, instructing the two to work closely together to mesh residents’ transportation needs with the realities of transportation design and construction.

The County’s Transportation Plan was originally adopted in 2013.

Specific scope of work to be addressed by the planning process included:

  • Development of a transportation plan that is based on sound technical analysis,
  • Accommodate growth while maintaining and improving access to destinations for the traveling public (e.g., work, school, shopping, residential),
  • Maintenance and improvement of the transportation system and the mobility of its users,
  • Provide Hays County with the information and tools needed to preserve the right-of-way needed for future transportation improvements,
  • Development of a transportation plan through an open and transparent process that provides numerous and various ways for the public to stay involved and provides input into the process,
  • Creation and adoption of a transportation plan that not only addresses specific project needs but ones that also sets an overall direction for the transportation future of Hays County.

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