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Transportation Plan 2014

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Hays County Press Release: Transportation Plan Adopted 2014

Materials presented to the public in November 2012

The Hays County Commissioners Court in 2011 authorized its transportation consulting company, Parsons Brinkerhoff, to move forward with developing a countywide transportation plan to update the County’s 10-year-old plan. At its July 19, 2011 meeting the Court agreed that considerable input was needed from municipal government planners and the general public to ensure that the new plan takes recent population growth (some 60,000 people have moved to Hays County since the last plan was adopted) and future growth corridors into consideration.

The Court noted that while regional transportation plans exist that have had County input, it is critical for the County and municipalities to coordinate on transportation planning within Hays County to maximize available dollars and minimize the potential for bottlenecks that can occur when different road systems intersect. The Court set a cap of $325,000 for the study, with instructions to Parsons Brinkerhoff to build on previous plans as much as possible to keep the cost under the maximum. All but $50,000 of that amount was allocated in the FY 2011 budget.

The Court then appointed public members to a Citizens Advisory Group and established a Technical Advisory Group, instructing the two to work closely together to mesh residents’ transportation needs with the realities of transportation design and construction.

Specific scope of work to be addressed by the planning process included:

  • Development of a transportation plan that is based on sound technical analysis,
  • Accommodate growth while maintaining and improving access to destinations for the traveling public (e.g., work, school, shopping, residential),
  • Maintenance and improvement of the transportation system and the mobility of its users,
  • Provide Hays County with the information and tools needed to preserve the right-of-way needed for future transportation improvements,
  • Development of a transportation plan through an open and transparent process that provides numerous and various ways for the public to stay involved and provides input into the process,
  • Creation and adoption of a transportation plan that not only addresses specific project needs but ones that also sets an overall direction for the transportation future of Hays County.

January 10, 2013 Advisory Groups Presentation

April 26, 2012 Advisory Groups Presentation

March 22, 2012 Advisory Groups Presentation

February 9, 2012 Advisory Groups Presentation

Summary of public comments

Map of public comments – Disclaimer – Comments received by January 15, 2012 and that refer to specific locations are included in the map. Other comments are reviewed and included in the process but we were unable to map them. Please refer to the comments log for all comments.

Population Density Maps

Technical Memorandum 1– Review of Existing Plans and Reports. This technical memorandum summarizes the key findings of county and regional studies as well as the transportation components of local government plans.

Technical Memorandum 3a – Existing System Assessment. This technical memorandum provides an overview of the existing county transportation system.

Technical Memorandum 3b – Review of Existing Demographics. This technical memorandum provides an overview of existing demographics.

Transportation Plan Fact Sheet

-2035 CAMPO Transportation Plan

January 4 2012 Public Workshop

December 1 2011 Public Workshop

November 17 Advisory Groups Joint Presentation

-State Highway 45SW Regional Connector

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