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Commissioners Court Live Stream

Hays County Commissioners Court Meeting Information

The live stream for Hays County Commissioners Court will only be available during scheduled Commissioners Court meetings, which are held on Tuesday mornings beginning at 9 a.m. unless otherwise posted. Meetings of the Commissioners Court take place in the Hays County Historical Courthouse, located at 111 E. San Antonio St., San Marcos, Texas.

Commissioners Court Dates for 2023 

Hays County Commissioners Court will meet on the following dates in 2024:

March 12, 26

April 9, 23

May 7, 21

June 4, 18

July 2,16, 30


The final agenda for upcoming meetings, along with the Weekly Disbursement Report, is posted the Friday prior. Draft meeting agendas are posted here.

Commissioner Court Agendas

Below is the weekly Disbursement report:

Disbursement Report (5-21-2024 – PDF)

FY 2024 Budget Calendar

Hays County Commissioners will hold public hearings during the budget process. See the schedule: FY24 Budget Calendar.

Public Comment 

If you are unable to attend Commissioners Court in person, you may submit public comments to be read during the Commissioners Court meeting.

To have your public comment read in Court:

  • You MUST send your comments to In the subject line of your email, put: PUBLIC COMMENT FORM. Please note, comments sent directly to the Hays County judge or commissioners or others will not be read in court; AND
  • You MUST include all of the following information in the body of the email without attachments:
  • Your full name,
  • Your address,
  • The agenda item # if you are commenting on a specific agenda item, or the words “general comment” if you are not commenting on a specific agenda item,
  • If you are not representing yourself, the organization or person you are representing, including the name, address, and phone number [required only if relevant], and
  • The comment you want to be read in court.

Defamatory comments or personal attacks unrelated to documented/factual occurrences will not be permitted in Court.

Please send your email topubliccomments@co.hays.tx.usno later than 8 a.m. of the morning of the Commissioners Court meeting. Please send the email in advance of the deadline in case of delays. Any public comment forms received after the 8 a.m. deadline—regardless of the reason for the delay–will not be read.  There will be no exceptions.  

NOTE: If you will be attending the meeting, please do not email us your public comment form. There will be blank forms available at the door of the courtroom when you arrive. You may fill one of those out and give it to the County Clerk. Forms will not be accepted after 9 a.m.

You will have three (3) minutes to make your comment. If you send a written comment, the County Clerk will read it in court and will stop when the buzzer sounds at three (3) minutes.

General comments unrelated to a specific agenda item will made at the beginning of the meeting (starting at approximately 9:05 a.m.). Comments pertaining to specific items will be allowed when the item is opened.

Regular Commissioners Court meetings begin at 9 a.m. each Tuesday unless otherwise posted.

To support civic engagement, we are allowing the maximum amount of time possible to submit comments.  Please understand that the staff members supporting the Commissioners Court have many tasks to attend to when setting up for Court.  It is possible they may occasionally miss a comment unintentionally. If that happens, please notify us with a message to  We will read the comment in Court the following week.

Videos (Please click a selection below to view video) – Note that archived videos below are for meetings prior to June 7, 2022

Commissioners Court Meeting Minutes:

January 5, 2021 – February 23 2021 (Combined in one PDF)

Weekly Agenda

See archived weekly agendas below:

Commissioners Court Video


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