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Corrections Bureau

Sheriff – Corrections Bureau

Hays County Jail
1307 Uhland Road San Marcos, Texas 78666

Corrections Bureau

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Jail Administration

Capt. Julie Villalpando – Jail Support Services Bureau

Capt. John Saenz – Jail Operations Bureau

Lt. Chad Edwards – Jail Support Services Bureau

Lt. Erica Hernandez – Jail Support Services Bureau

Lt. Eric Batch – Jail Operations Bureau

Lt. Jesse Hernandez – Jail Operations Bureau

Lt. Monica Shaffer – Jail Operations Bureau

Lt. Jeffrey Spencer – Jail Operations Bureau

General Information

The Hays County Jail is a 603-bed detention facility with 209 certified male and female corrections officers or peace officers (sheriff’s deputies) who are certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE).

The jail books an average of 8,000 inmates a year with an estimated 2,600 transferred to various courts. The number of hot meals served per day totals approximately 1,230.

 Fine Payment

Hays County now allows the convenience of paying with a credit card for individuals who are currently in custody and for class “C” fines only. No other forms of payments will be accepted.

Click the button below to find the appropriate Justice of the Peace to make the payment.

Make a Payment

Attorneys who wish to make inquiries regarding reasonable virtual access to their client(s) should refer to this webpage and read the Attorney Access -> Professional Video Visitation section for step-by-step instructions. 

Attorney Phone Calls

Hays County provides a free call option to attorneys for the benefit of their incarcerated clients. Only one business telephone number is authorized for the call list. Calls are limited to twenty minutes each, are free of charge and are not recorded. Requests to be placed on the free call list should be emailed to

Please attach a written request on letterhead, along with a copy/scan of your valid driver’s license and BAR card to the email.

Hays County Jail – Bonding Department:

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