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Posey Road Corridor Study

Study Overview

The area around Posey Road has experienced recent growth and with both residential and commercial developments this growth is expected to continue. The Posey Road corridor has become a major east-west route for drivers in southern Hays County, and the County is conducting this study to be prepared to accommodate current and projected traffic in the area.

This study will identify improvements to the existing roadway from Hunter Road to Old Bastrop Highway (CR 266) and a review of possible corridor preservation options for the future extension of the roadway from Old Bastrop Highway to SH 123.

Study from Hunter Road to Old Bastrop Highway

  • Traffic analysis
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Environmental investigations
  • Survey work
  • Evaluation of expansion based on findings but anticipated to be a future 4-lane divided urban roadway section with bike lanes and sidewalks
  • Development of a preliminary schematic for interim and long term projects

Study from Old Bastrop Highway to SH 123

  • Evaluation of corridor preservation options and right-of-way needs

Initial data collection began late summer 2016 and the study is expected to be complete in spring to summer of 2017. Hays County is funding this study. Construction funding and timelines have not been identified at this time.

Public Input
The County wants to work closely with the community during this process and input gathered from stakeholders and community members will help shape the development and direction of the study.

Throughout this process we will stay connected with the community through email updates, individual meetings and public meetings. We also welcome your comments and questions at any time. Two public meetings are planned for this project. At the first meeting, the team shared the preliminary schematic, background information and an overview of the study, and collected input from stakeholders. The Summary of the Public Meeting along with comments received and responses is available below.

At the second public meeting, an updated schematic will be shared to gather additional feedback from stakeholders.

Public Meeting – January 19, 2017

Contact Information
(512) 533-9100 Ext. 104

To sign up for email updates on the project, send an email with “updates” in the subject line to

Hays County