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The Hays County road inspections section monitors multiple activities along county roadways and rights-of-way, as well as new road/bridge development for compliance with the subdivision rules and regulations. Listed below are some useful links to information regarding work that must be inspected by the county. If you have any questions regarding driveway permitting/specifications, utility permitting/specifications, or any new subdivision road specifications, please call:
Hays County Inspector at 512-738-2555.

1) Permit application for placement of utilities within county right-of-way:

2a) Permit application for construction of driveways in county easement and right-of-way.

2b) Driveway Profiles are available under “Documents” under Online Services, than Road Department.

3) Subdivision Rules & Regulations: SUBDIVISIONS

4) Specifications for paving and drainage improvements: 

5) Road Standards: TABLE 721.02

6) TO ALL CONTRACTORS! General Construction Notes For Plans

For forms and permits Residential and Commercial, click here


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Hays County Adopted Specs 13may2019
Hays County Adopted Specs 13may2019
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