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Criminal Investigations

Hays County Criminal Investigations Division,
and Narcotics Task Force

810 S. Stagecoach Trail San Marcos, Texas 78666

The Hays County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division was officially established as a division in 1989 under Sheriff Paul Hastings. From 1848 until the 1980s, the Sheriff and his deputies conducted all investigations, evidence collection, and storage.

In 1990, the Hays County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Task Force was established.  The Narcotics Task Force uses detectives from the Hays County Sheriff’s Office and the San Marcos Police Department to conduct investigations.

Lt. Michael Briggs

Phone: (512)-393-7822

  • Capt. Mark Cumberland – Law Enforcement
  • Lt. Clint Pulpan – OPR (Office of Professional Responsibility)

Narcotics Investigations

512-753-2170 during normal business hours or 512-393-7896 after hours.

Hays County