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Records Search

District Court records may be searched using the following methods:

  1. Search terminals are available in the reception area of the District Clerk’s office during regular business hours for public use.
  2. The District clerk’s office will conduct searches (civil and criminal) covering the past 10 years for $5.00 per name searched.  Please allow two business days for results.
  3. Civil and Criminal Court Case Information may also be accessed over the internet here.
    Name searches are free and include parties, cause number, case type, filing date, case summary and if applicable, bond company and disposition date.
  4. The cost for a copy of a document filed in a specific case is $.50 per page or $1.00 per page for a certified copy.

Payment for record searches and/or copies is required in advance.

To request a record search or order copies onlinee-mail us at for a quote on the cost of the request. Once you have received a return message with the price quote, you may enter credit card information at There is a code number required to input credit card information….BUREAU CODE # is 5779509.

We will mail a record search certificate (if required) or e-mail results of the record search once we receive confirmation that the payment transaction has been completed (usually within 24 hours). Please indicate which you prefer; e-mail response or record search certificate mailed to you.

Copies or certified copies will be mailed to the address provided within two working days after confirmation of payment. Please be sure to include your name and address in your e-mail request.

If you prefer, you may mail your request for a record search or for copies along with your check or money order to:

Hays County District Clerk
Hays County Government Center
712 South Stagecoach Trail Ste. 2211
San Marcos, Texas 78666


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