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Court Costs & Fees

The schedule of court costs and fees for family and civil cases separates the fees into the following categories: filing a new suit,filing a pleading, issuance of citations, notices and writs, and the service of process. To determine the cost, use the following formula:

applicable filing fee + issuance fee + service fee = total

Include the service fee only if service is to be obtained using Hays County Constables. The Hays County Sheriff does not serve civil process.

New Suit Filing Fees


Type of Suit Base Fee
All Civil Suits not listed below $350.00
Application for Writ of Garnishment $350.00
Tax Suits $350.00

$350.00 plus $13.40 for each agency to be notified via mail or $3.00 for electronic notice

*Hand delivery is no longer offered

Occupational License $350.00
Severed Case $350.00
Incoming Transfer (other than family law) $302.00
Petition for Nondisclosure $330.00
Foreign Judgment $302.00


Type of Suit Base Fee
Divorce $350.00
Adoption or Adoption & Termination
Termination Only
$308.00 Investigator Fee (if any) set by judge $258.00
Incoming Family Law Transfer $80.00
Name Change / Removal of Disabilities $350.00
Parent-Child Relationship and all Other Family Cases $350.00
Register Foreign Support or Custody Order $350.00
Other Filing Fees

Fee to File Any of the Following in a Civil Case……..$80.00
Third Party Petition; Motion for New Trial; Cross-Action; Counterclaim; Intervention; Interpleader
To File Any of the Following in a Family Law Case…….. $80.00
Third Party Petition …. Cross Action ….. Interpleader ….. Counterclaim …… Intervention……Motion to Modify…Motion for Enforcement…. Motion for Contempt
To File Any of the Following in a Family Law Case………. $15.00
Motion to Transfer … Motion for License Suspension .. Motion to Revoke Stay of Suspension ….Suit for Modification … Notice of App. for Judicial Writ of Withholding

Issuance Fees
$ 8.00 $ 12.00
Citation, Subpoena, Citation by Publication, Show Cause Notice, T.R.O, Injunction, Commission/Letter Rogatory, Notice of License Suspension, Abstract, Execution, Order of Sale, Writ of Possession, Precept, Writ of Attachment, Habeas Corpus (family law) Writ of Garnishment, Writ of Sequestration *Citation through Secretary of State, Insurance Commission or Highway Commission* (issuance fee does not include any fee charged by the State agency which must be paid separately to the agency)

Judicial Writ of Withholding or Order………………………..$ 15.00
Mailing Order for License Suspension (obligor only)…… $ 5.00
Citation By Posting (includes Constable fee of $30)……..$ 38.00

Service Fees
(Table of Fees eff. 1-6-2017) civil process served by Hays County Constables

$75.00 Citations, Precepts, Protective Orders, etc.
$150.00 Temporary Restraining Order
$250.00 Writ of Attachment

*Fees Do Not Include Copies

Miscellaneous Fees
Bond Approval Fee $ 4.00
Court Registry – Administrative expense
.. ……On funds not earning interest – 5% not to exceed …………
…….. On funds earning interest ………………………………
$ 50.00
10% of interest
Change of Name Certificate – in a divorce decree $ 10.00
  Witness Tender (not to records custodian) (taxed as costs)  $ 10.00
Records Search $ 5.00 per name
Electronic Copies $ 1.00 for first 10 pages, then $0.10 per page after
Certified Copies $ 1.00 per page – plus $5.00 for Certification
Insufficient Check $ 25.00
Administration Fee – Criminal Fee Transactions $2.00
E-Filing Convenience Fee $2.00
Hays County