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About the Hays County Auditor’s Office

The Hays County Auditor has general oversight of all the books and records of all county officials and is charged with strictly enforcing laws governing county finances. The County Auditor, by law, has continuous access to all books and financial records and conducts detailed reviews of all county financial operations. The County Auditor is appointed for a two-year term by the Board of District Judges. The office of County Auditor is neither created by nor under the hierarchical control of the Commissioners Court, creating a “checks and balances” of the integrity of the County’s finances.

The County Auditor’s Office, located at the Hays County Government Center at 712 S. Stagecoach Trail in San Marcos, is responsible for the following:

  1. General oversight of all county financial records and the strict enforcement of all laws governing county finances. 
  2. The audit of all records pertaining to county finance, and the ability to ensure the proper collecting and accounting of all funds including money and property held for third parties.
  3. Acting as comptroller of all county funds, as well as state and federal grant funding.
  4. Developing accounting procedures and providing training to county offices.
  5. Upon request, providing information to the public concerning county finances, including accounting, internal auditing, purchasing and bidding, debt requirements, payment of invoices, budgeting, county policies and procedures, and any legal requirements relating to county finances.
  6. Protecting the interests of Hays County taxpayers in all financial matters.

The Auditor’s office welcomes you to contact them.


Marisol Villarreal-Alonzo, CPA

Hays Government Center, Suite 1071
712 S. Stagecoach Trail
San Marcos, Texas 78666




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