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Food Establishments

Food Establishments

All retail food establishments and mobile food establishments which operate in the unincorporated areas of Hays County and in the cities of Buda and Kyle are required to obtain a Food Establishment Permit from Hays County Development Services. All permits expire at the end of each calendar year on December 31.

Apply for a Food Establishment Permit online at this link. Log into your account or create an account, if you are a new user. Click on “Apply Online” under the “Permits & Licensing” tab. Be sure the “Jurisdiction” selected is “Hays County” and the “Project Type” is “Food Establishment”. Click “Next” then fill out each question and follow the necessary steps to complete the online application.

Payment for any application can be made at Please use Bureau Code 4963827 to link your payment with Hays County Development Services. Please note your address or application number in the “Permit or Bill Number” field.

A “Food Establishment” means a food service establishment, a retail food store, a temporary food establishment, a mobile food unit, and/or a roadside food vendor.

Any food establishment permitted under the Hays County Food Regulations shall be inspected at least once every six (6) months or in response to a formal complaint made to Hays County Development Services.

Authority & Regulations

Authority is granted to Hays County through the adoption of the Hays County Food Establishment Regulations, Title 25 of the Texas Administrative Code Chapter 228, and the Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 437.

Hays County Food Establishment Regulations

Texas Food Establishment Regulations (TFER)

2017 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code


Below are three (3) options to file a complaint against a food establishment.

  1. Call 512 – 393 – 2150 and choose option 3 to file a complaint.
  2. Email:
  3. Anonymous Reporting: visit this link. Click on “Solution Center” > “Submit A Request” > Select “Texas” as the State, “Hays County” as the Jurisdiction, and “Solution Center” as the Category. Click “Next” and select the type of issue then click “Next”. A pop-up will appear and select “Proceed Anonymously”. Follow the remaining steps and be as detailed as possible.




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