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Patrol Division

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Hays County Sheriff Tahoe Hays County Sheriff Badge

Law Enforcement Administration

Mike Davenport, Chief Deputy

Mark Cumberland, Captain, Support Services Bureau

Shane Smith Captain, Corrections Bureau

Julissa Villalpando – Captain, Corrections Support Service Bureau

John Saenz, Captain, Corrections Operations Bureau

The Hays County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division was established in 1848. The division was renamed the Law Enforcement Bureau in 2011. The Sheriff and his deputies patrolled Hays County on horseback.  The Sheriff was not only charged with enforcing the laws, but maintaining the jail.  Until 1977, the Sheriff, his Chief Deputy, or an assigned deputy lived at the jail and took direct responsibility for any prisoners.  It was not uncommon for there to be one deputy guarding numerous prisoners.  In the late 1970s, the job of correction officer was established, and deputies were assigned to law enforcement duties while correction officers took over the care, custody, and control of prisoners.

Until the 1930s, deputies were appointed by the Hays County Commissioner’s Court to serve a six month term.  With the invention of the automobile, deputies were able to respond faster to calls for service.  Until the 1970s, the Sheriff and his deputies were known to use their own personal cars as their duty vehicles.  As the department evolved, marked patrol units were purchased by the county and deputies were able to serve in the public and be immediately recognized.  Until the late 1980s, there were rarely more than two or three deputies on duty at any given time. As of 2011, there are eleven patrol districts with a deputy assigned to each district.

Criminal Investigations
Specialized Units

For information after hours contact 512-393-7896.

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