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Development Services

Below is information about the services provided by the Development Services Department and required permits in Hays County.

NOTICE: Development Services is currently not accepting online applications for subdivisions due to Legislative changes that require changes to the online form. We are working to update the online application to better assist our developers and residents of Hays County. All Plat Applications must currently be submitted through a paper application available by emailing PLANNING@CO.HAYS.TX.US.



Development Authorization

Development Authorization is required for all development in the unincorporated area of Hays County. Development is defined as “all land modification activities, including the construction of or additions to buildings, roadways, dams, paved storage areas, parking lots, storm water management facilities and other impervious structures or surfaces.” All divisions of land within Hays County are subject to the Hays County Development Regulations.

On-site Sewage Facilities (OSSF)

Private homebuilders and commercial developers must receive an OSSF permit for new construction or additions to existing structures. Applicants must submit a floor plan of the proposed structure, a detailed site plan, a legal description, a site evaluation and design for the permitting process to begin. To view or download a permit application click here and then click on Development Services. Read about Important 2018 Fee Change Information .

If you have a complaint/concern that includes one of the following criteria, please email

  1. Evidence of possible failure due to: 1) alarms activated 2) hydraulic overloading 3) evidence of sewage smell / observation of sewage seepage
Floodplain Regulation

Homebuilders and developers must ensure that new construction and additions to existing structures do not encroach on a floodplain as determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps. Hays County floodplain regulations are part of the Hays County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (Chapter 735). There is a $25 fee for floodplain determinations for those individuals who need to know whether a property is in the floodplain and don’t have access to the floodplain maps.
Development Services has created an interactive web map, for public use, showing FEMA floodplains, parcels lines, city limits, 2-foot LiDAR contours, Edwards Aquifer boundaries, and more.
FEMA’s current (2018) proposed physical floodplain map revision shows effective, proposed and changed layers.
Online maps are available from FEMA’s Map Service Center, 1-800-358-9616, or online at

Consumer Health

Compliance with local and state code regulations is required for retail food establishments (restaurants and grocery stores) and day-care/foster-care facilities. If you have a complaint about a facility, or if you are an owner/manager who wants to have your facility inspected, please contact our Consumer Health personnel. Additional information about retail food establishments can be found at the Department of State Health Services at

If you have a complaint/concern about a food establishment, please email if it meets one of these criteria:

  1. Someone gets sick after eating at an establishment: who/what/when/where
  2. Food that that was not cooked thoroughly
  3. Employees did multiple tasks without properly washing their hands. In situations that require glove use, they did not change them out/use them properly. Hats / hairnets / beard restraints not being used.
  4. Toilet facilities not properly stocked with supplies. i.e. soap / towels.
Day Care Facilities and Foster Homes

All day care facilities and foster homes are licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. For licensing information, please go to

Environmental Crime

Criminal Investigators commissioned by the Hays County Sheriff’s Department are responsible for the enforcement of state environmental laws. Investigations are conducted into improper storage, transportation or disposal of hazardous materials, used motor oil, batteries and tires. Investigations are also conducted into illegal dumping, outdoor burning and abandoned properties, among other violations. The Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office prosecutes the violators. To report a suspected environmental crime, please contact the Hays County Sheriff’s Office at 512-393-7896.

Development Services Director
Caitlyn Strickland​

2171 Yarrington Road
Kyle, TX 78640

(512) 393-2150

Fax is not available. Please email
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You can now pay your Development Services application fees online by following the link below and using bureau code 4963827:

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