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Hays County Planning Division

The Planning Division of Hays County Development Services is responsible for property compliance and subdivision reviews/plating. The Texas Legislative body grants limited to no zoning authority to counties across the state. Currently, Hays County does not have any zoning ordinances.

The Planning Division works under the Rules & Regulations of Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 232 & the Hays County Subdivision Regulations. The Subdivision Regulations can be found in Chapter 705 of the Hays County Development Regulations. A copy of these regulations can be found on our “Documents & Forms” page.

All applicants are encouraged to have a Pre-Development Meeting with County staff. Meetings are offered as a free service to assist applicants in learning more about the application process and help answer general questions. Representatives from various county departments may attend based on the scope of the project.

Types of applications reviewed by the Planning Division include, but are not limited to, Preliminary Plan Applications, Plat Applications, and Manufactured Home Rental Communities.

Types of Applications:

  1. Construction Plan Application
  2. Manufactured Home Rental Community Application
  3. Preliminary Plan Application
  4. Plat Application

The Application Checklists, Pre-Development Meeting Request Form, Plat Note & Certification Standards, Subdivision Application Review Process, and other documents can be found on our “Documents & Forms” page. Digital data standards for application submittals can be found by clicking here.

Please note some projects may require public notice based on scope of the project. Public notice includes, but is not limited to, applicant sponsored meetings, posted notice (a sign on the property), published notice (notice in a newspaper or other media), written notice (USPS mailings), or public hearings (held in Commissioners Court).

For questions about a piece of property, please e-mail:

Hays County