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Parks & Open Space Advisory Commission (POSAC)

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The Hays County Parks and Open Space Advisory Commission (POSAC) operates under a Charter that was approved by the Hays County Commissioners Court on March 3, 2020.

The Commission’s role is to establish a democratic, inclusive process to study a parks, open space, and conservation bond program that will yield project recommendations to the Hays County Commissioners Court meant to ensure the confidence and trust of Hays County voters.

The POSAC is composed of 10 members, with each of the five Commissioners Court members making two recommendations, confirmed by vote of the full Court. The POSAC, with organizational support and structural guidance from a consultant hired by Hays County, will establish its own operating procedures (in compliance with this charter) and elect its own Chairperson and Vice-Chair(s).

Current POSAC Members

Jim Camp                     Kathryn Nichols (Vice-chair)
Burt Dement                Lori Olson (Vice-chair)
Laura Dupont              Lisa Prewitt
Carolyn Gonzales        Scott Tomhave
Blanca Lova                  Scott Way (Chair)

All meetings were open to the public, with notice of meetings provided to each POSAC member and shared publicly at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance.

In light of emergency measures related to coronavirus pandemic, POSAC meetings were conducted via ZOOM technology.

Citizens who wanted to be included in the Zoom meetings to either offer Public Comment or to simply listen in, were asked to send a request to join the meeting to MeetingPlanner no later than 2 p.m. on the day of the meeting. They were also asked to indicate if they wanted to make public comment so adequate time could be planned.

POSAC Zoom meetings were recorded and posted on Facebook following the meeting: 

POSAC Meeting Calendar
The POSAC met via Zoom on the following dates:

April 8 June 24
April 29 July 8
May 13 July 15
May 27 July 22
June 10

Call for Parks, Natural Areas and Open Space 
Hays County and members of POSAC are calling for projects to be considered for inclusion in a potential Hays County Parks & Open Space bond initiative and/or a partnership program.

The submission period has ended. POSAC received 18 submissions.

POSAC Recommendations

Following a series of POSAC meetings, which were open to the public, the following recommendations were made by the committee and presented to the Hays County Commissioners on July 28, 2020. The list includes three tiers, with those in Tier 1 defined as “very best; highly recommend to fund at some level”. Tier 2 projects are defined as “very good; strong recommendation to fund at some level:. Projects in Tier 3 are defined as “consideration at a future date”.

Key Documents
POSAC Charter
POSAC Bylaws
2012 Parks, Open Spaces, & Natural Areas Master Plan
POSAC Project Scoring Sheet

Meeting Minutes
3/7/20 Minutes
3/25/20 Minutes
4/08/20 Minutes

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