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Documents & Forms

Notice: You can pay all your Development Services Fees online by following the link below – use Bureau Code 4963827.
Pay Online:

Please find our online application guide below under Documents


To apply for a permit, visit and click Apply Online under the Permits & Licensing tab. Paper applications are accepted by mail or in-person. There is an additional $30 Paper Processing Fee added to each paper application. Please see our Example Document Sheet (#4 below) for Development & On-Site Sewage Facility required documents.

  1. 9-1-1 Address Application      9-1-1 Address Application Instructions
  2. Development Authorization Application
  3. Development & On-Site Sewage Facility Application
  4. Development Septic Example Document Sheet
  5. Food Establishment Application
  6. Mobile Food Establishment Application
  7. On-Site Sewage Facility Application
  8. Open Records Request Form (fillable)
  9. Subdivision Application (fillable)



  1. Hays County Development Regulations
  2. Hays County On-Site Sewage Facility Regulations
  3. Food Establishment Regulations
  4. 30 TAC 285 (On-Site Sewage Facilities)
  5. 25 TAC 288 (Texas Food Establishment Rules)


  1. 9-1-1 Address Verification Form
  2. Certified Food Manager Program Information
  3. Hays County Fee Schedule (January 2020)
  4. Hays County E.S.A. Acknowledgment
  5. Designer List (2020)
  6. Engineering & Surveyor Consultant List (2020)
  7. Installer List (2020)
  8. Maintenance Provider List (2019)
  9. Online Application Guide
  10. On-Site Sewage Facility Maintenance Affidavit (fillable)
  11. Open Records Request Form (fillable)
  12. Refund Request Form (fillable)
  13. Floodplain Engineer List (2020)
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