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2021 Hays County Sheriff and Constable Fees


Subpoenas 75.00
Summons 75.00
Writ of Attachment 250.00
Writ of Garnishment 150.00
Writ of Sequestration 250.00
Orders of Sale 250.00
Forcible Detainer 75.00
Order of Retrieval 75.00
Small Claims Citation 75.00
Justice Court citations 75.00
All other Court’s Citations 75.00
Writ of Possession/Re-entry/Restoration 250.00
Writ of Capias 250.00
Writs – All other 250.00
Writ of Execution 250.00
Notice of Trustee Sale 150.00
Show Cause Order 150.00
Temporary Restraining Order 150.00
Executing Bill of Sale 75.00
Posting Public Notice (each location) 50.00
Notice of Publication 75.00
Injunction 150.00
Precept 75.00
Precept or Writ or Court Order exceeding 2hrs. an additional fee per hour, per officer 50.00 per hour, per Deputy
Deed or Bill of Sale (each) 75.00
Deed or Bill of Sale issued and Recorded by County Clerk 30.00
Use of County Patrol Vehicles for Certain Functions (per hour vehicle running and/or emergency equipment in use) 10.00
Use of county Patrol Vehicles for Certain Functions –Flat Fee(Vehicle on scene for presence and officer to have equipment-vehicle would not be running or the lights in use) 15.00
Delivery of Judgment 75.00
Tax Warrant 150.00
Execution Termination Fee 150.00
COMMISSION for collecting money on an Execution or Order of Sale when the same is
Made by a sale. Total Judgment amount to be broken down as follows:

For the first                                                   $10,000.00 = 10%
$10,001.00                   and                           UP               = 5%

When the money is collected without a sale, the fee shall be ½ of the above rates.

Adopted on this 22nd day of September 2020, pursuant to Local Government Code 118.131


Hays County