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Back to School Safety Tips

It’s that time, folks – school is starting up all around Hays County and surrounding areas. The first day of school is often stressful for many of us, from our littles to those of us considered slightly more over the hill. Let’s show each other some extra love.

Here are a few tips for safer roadways:
1. Leave home a bit earlier and allow plenty of time to drive safely to your destination.
2. Watch out for busses and kiddos crossing the street.
3. Heed school crossing guard signs.
4. Slow down – you’re really not going to get anywhere that much faster.
5. Exhibit patience and recognize we’re all in the same situation.
6. Stay focused on the road and your surroundings.
7. Remember to always check you car when you park and make sure you didn’t forget to drop off a kiddo at school or daycare.
8. Waiting in a drop off or pick line? Smile, breathe and listen to your favorite tunes while waiting.

The graphic (which we borrowed from another agency) is a helpful reminder about being extra aware of school busses that are carrying our precious cargo. It’s a great visual for knowing where you are legally required to stop to allow children to enter or exit busses.

We wish everyone a happy beginning to the school year!

Hays County