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Hays County Commissioner Walt Smith Presents Patriots’ Hall with $1,500,000 Check

HAYS COUNTY, TEXAS – On November 8, 2023, Hays County Commissioner Walt Smith presented Patriots’ Hall of Dripping Springs with $1,500,000 courtesy of the 2020 Parks and Open Space Bond. This check was used to cover the mortgage payoff and fund various site improvements. Commissioner Smith and Patriots’ Hall Founding Board Member, Kathryn Chandler, celebrated the accomplishment by touring the construction sites of the future gathering hall and wellness center.

Patriots’ Hall of Dripping Springs is a 10-acre retreat and resource base for all veterans and their families in Hays County and allows them to connect and find support. A gathering hall is currently under construction, which will provide therapeutic classes, vet-to-vet mentoring, educational and motivational workshops, and job networking. In addition to the gathering hall, a wellness center, and outdoor amenities will complement the newly built meeting house.

From left to right: Hays County Commissioner Walt Smith, Amy Doucet, Kathryn Chandler, Randy Van Camp, and Dr. Mary Jane Hetrick

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About the Parks Bond

The 2020 Parks & Open Space Bond called for the issuance of $75 million to establish parks, open
spaces, conservation lands, and other recreational opportunities in Hays County. In November 2021, the
Parks & Open Space Advisory Commission (POSAC) provided funding recommendations to the Hays
County Commissioners Court. To learn more and sign up for bond updates, visit or email



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