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Hays County hand-delivers jury summonses

Jury summonses are currently being hand-delivered following an error by a Hays County vendor that has affected more than 6,000 jury notices throughout multiple county offices, according to Hays County District Clerk Avrey Anderson Sr.

Jury summonses have been printed and distributed to county constables, who will hand-deliver the documents to prospective jurors for the upcoming January 8 trial setting.

“It’s an unfortunate situation due to the important nature of the cases that are currently on the dockets,” Anderson Sr. said. “As a result, the constables hand-delivered the documents to multiple residences.”

The District Clerk added his appreciation for the patience of Hays County residents during this time, as the County works with the vendor to resolve the issue, which is ongoing.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to the citizens of Hays County for their patience and their service in this essential judicial process,” said Anderson Sr. “If this issue is not resolved by the end of the week, we will continue to seek alternative methods of serving the jury summons of Hays County.”

If you have received a notice on your door or mailbox, please be advised that it is an official summons from the Hays County District Clerk.

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