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San Marcos man convicted of sexual assault

SAN MARCOS, Texas – Hays County Criminal District Attorney Kelly Higgins announced today that a Hays County jury found Maximillian Decker-Dilieto, 26, guilty of two counts of sexual assault on Thursday, Feb. 15.

Decker-Dilieto was accused of sexually assaulting a woman he was romantically involved with. The two convictions resulted from the same episode of assault. The jury heard testimony that the encounter began consensually but turned violent. The victim told Decker-Dilieto to stop and attempted to force him off her but was overpowered by the much larger and stronger defendant. She was pinned down and beaten while the sexual assault continued.

The jury assessed punishment at two years in prison and recommended that the defendant be put on probation.

Decker-Dilieto’s sentencing hearing has yet to be scheduled before Judge Joe Pool of the 428th District Court.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Claudia Garcia and Jon English.

“The guilty verdicts are a testament that offenders who commit sexual assault will be held accountable,” said Garcia. “I am proud of the victim for having the courage to face her attacker. Guilty verdicts like the ones rendered in this case send a message to victims of sexual violence that they will be believed and that their attackers will be brought to justice.”

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