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Flood Hazard Zones and Their Risk

Flood maps refer to areas of high, medium or low risk as “flood hazard zones” and the zones of highest risk as “Special Flood Hazard Areas.”

Visit FEMA’s website ( or Hays County’s ( to find your property and determine your flood risk.


Risk Level Flood Hazard Zone
High Flood Risk AE, A, AH, AO, AR, A99 Zone. These properties have a one-percent-annual-chance of flooding in any year – and a 26 percent chance of flooding over the life of a 30-year mortgage.  Statistics show they also have a much greater chance of having a flood than a fire.

Insurance note: High-risk areas are called Special Flood Hazard Areas, and flood insurance is mandatory for most mortgage holders *

Moderate or Low Flood Risk Shaded X Zone.  These properties are outside the high-risk zones and are in areas of moderate flood risk.  Remember: the risk is reduced, but not removed.

X Zone.  These properties are in an area of overall lower risk.

Insurance Note: Lower-cost preferred rate flood insurance policies (known as Preferred Risk Policies) are often an option in these areas.

Undetermined Risk D Zone.  The D zone designation is used for areas where there are possible but undetermined flood hazards.  In areas designated as a D zone, no analysis of flood hazards has been conducted.  Flood insurance is optional and available.
* Required for loans provided by federally regulated and insured lenders as well as Government Sponsored Enterprises such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae


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